Visiting the Limoges museums

We thought it was about time we took in some history of our area. One good thing about this blog is that it has spurred us into making more of an effort to see places and do things. Last week we went to the  Limoges Museums. We did aim to see the resistance museum at the same time but the place was so good it kept us busy most of the afternoon.

limoges museum

The museum itself is fairly new, opening in 2010 after a huge renovation. It now houses Renoir painting, Egyptian relics and plenty of ceramic. The museum has an amazing display showing Limoges through the years and how it has changed. I have to say it was interesting, I would normally be happier sat in a cafe watching the world go by, but I am glad I made the effort. As usual in Limoges it was quiet and gave us plenty of time to look around without big crowds. Newt week it is The distillery museum showing the art of alcohol distilling; free tour and free tastings…yummy.

I then did have my coffee ( and a cake) as only the French can do.

March in Limousin is a great time. Spring is arriving the temperatures are rising, it really is the perfect time to explore the area. Dont forget we have our log fired hot tub whatever the weather bring a warm hat and spend the evening sat relaxing then off in to your gite and relax by the log fire with a little wine maybe.

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