donky horse limoges france

Off to pastures new

After almost 3 years of being with is, Montie the donkey is going to a new home here in Haute vienne. Even though we love the little guy to bits, he is just not fitting in with the other horses and he is off to a lovely lady who wants a donkey as a companion to her other female donkey. We have had some experiences with Montie and will miss him, but he realise he needs to be with other donkeys. So next week we put him in the trailer and head off on a 3 hour journey to his new home. We have been promised updates and pictures over the coming months so he may appear on this blog at some time.

donky horse limoges france

We know that he will be going to a loving home and that he will be totally spoilt and get all the attention he needs.

Last week, we did our annual ski trip and headed to Le Mont Dore for the day. Mont Dore is about 2 hours away and is a resort aimed at average skiers. Me being the total novice, it was ample for me. The skiing was superb and the scenery stunning. The day was perfect sunshine and we spent a good 8 hours on the slopes. There was the occasional spectacular cart wheel into ditches and re appearing as Mister Freeze. Highly recommended place for a visit.

ski limoges limousin france haute vienne

We have had a little snow although it has not stayed for long, an indication of a long hot summer, apparently. The temperatures are slowly creeping up and as usual we expect spring to just appear one morning. It really is difficult to explain, but you wake up one morning and it is spring, as simple as that.

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