Last weekend we went to Saint Leonard de Noblat for a market. France is famous for its markets and Fetes and Saint Leonard is one of the best. It is a preserved medieval city, with ramparts, cobbled streets and some amazing buildings. The market was a huge success and as always we grabbed a few bargains. We spent the day at the market and then returned to eat at a creperie in the evening. The church was floodlit, an amazing sight.

Saint Leonard de noblat, France.

Saint Leonard de noblat

Saint Leonard de Noblat History

The town originally developed as an important medieval pilgrimage centre, with the pilgrims attracted by the tomb of Saint-Leonard, and even today the town is situated on an important pilgrimage route. Any visit to Saint-Leonard de Noblat centres around its attractive and architecturally important roman style collegiale church, the narrow streets lined with medieval houses that surround the church, and two open squares. The collegiale itself dates from the 11th century. Built originally in the roman style it had later gothic modifications. As one of the destinations on the pilgrimage route from Vezelay to Santiago de Compostelle (in Spain) it is also officially listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. This is just one of the many towns and villages to visit in the area.

Saint-Leonard-de -oblat
Saint Leonard de noblat

July and August are full of fetes, fireworks and shows. We have been to the annual fireworks over the local lake eaten local steaks at the local fete, again with a huge firework display….and it continues, this weekend another local fete, an annual festival at Bujaleuf.

Its not all busy busy at Saint Moreil and we can always find time to have a break from Horse riding and quad biking and take a picnic to the local lake where you will always find your own secluded spot.


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