Why not try something different ? Ever thought of quad bikes and quad biking in France and just been put off by the grease monkey attitude or the high prices?

We offer something a little different. For anyone who has stayed with us, you will understand the flexibility we offer and how we try to accommodate everyone. If you have never been horse riding, then we will encourage and help you to saddle up and enjoy the feeling of roaming the forests on horseback. However, if horses are not for you then why not try quad biking.


Why not try a unique outing that will take you deep into the hearts of the forests.

Our quad bike is fully road legal and insured for road and off road use, all you need is to hold a full driving license. the quad is a Yamaha Grizzly 350cc. It is automatic so very easy to use. As with the horses, the quad is free to use for guests staying with us, all we ask is a contribution towards petrol and upkeep. So why not give it a go? We have plenty of time for beginners and those who have never ridden a quad before, plenty of guidance on where to go and usually there will be someone happy to drive out with you.

Most of the marked paths in our area are classed as highways and it is legal to use vehicles on them. The paths range from wide and easy to tight and challenging, so there is ample for every taste and we can give you plenty of advice.


There is no pressure, go at your own pace, take your time and enjoy a different way of seeing our beautiful area. You will pass little hamlets and hidden lakes that you may normally never see. Would you try it?

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