This morning the mist lifted to reveal a little sunshine and it felt the perfect day to saddle up and go and do some mushroom hunting. This time of year is the best time to view these amazing fungi. You can see people in verges on the roadside with bag in hand doing a little gathering.  We had a couple of keen mushroom hunters who stayed with us and left us some spectacular photos of mushrooms so as the sun began to shine I headed off into the forests.

mushroom hunting


The trees are just starting to turn and the start of the autumn colours are visible throughout the forest. Not quite the spectacular oranges and yellows, but there is a hint of colour. The recent wet week with high temperatures has been perfect growing weather for mushrooms and the forest floor is full of varied varieties, some edible, some not. My expertise does not go so far as to take the chance. A beautiful day in a beautiful area of the world reminded me how lucky I am to live here. Every where you turned there seemed to be yet another variety of mushroom growing.

mushrooms in france


I spent a couple of hours taking photographs and appreciating the countryside. Marmalade seemed to enjoy going off the beaten track a little and exploring places she had not been and sifting about in the fallen leaves. Although you can walk for hours on the tracks and not meet a soul, when you step into the woods there is an untouched feel about the place. Marmalade’s steps through the leaves echoed from tree to tree. I felt as if I was making too much noise in an otherwise silent place.

We stumbled upon a mass of spider’s web, almost a communal web and it gave a real spooky atmosphere to the place. I was waiting for the mist to start drifting in and a rustle of leaves from beyond and the spooky music to start playing, but it never happened.

cobwebs in the forests

cobwebs in the forests

So a great day mushroom hunting. I will head out again in the next week to photograph the autumn colours.



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