Café & Thé à Limoges

After a visit to the Lycée in Limoges we decided to try a Tea shop that had been suggested by a french friend of ours. Flaherty & Co is a small tea and coffee shop nestled in the back streets of Limoges. A little difficult to find bit well worth the search. The smells as you enter are amazing !


The Cafe stocks hundreds of varieties of teas and coffees. Deciding on which to purchase is an experience on its own as the old Tea chests are taken from the shelf and brought to you to smell.  There is also a small coffee bar at the back of the shop where you can sample the teas and coffees that are made to order.


They stocked over 100 types of tea and coffee and even one called St Sylvestre so we could not resist a packet of that one.

All in all an experience far better than reaching to the shelf in the supermarket to put some tea bags in your trolley.The prices are surprisingly cheap too and we came away with two packets of tea for 6 euros. All prepared, weighed and wrapped in front of you. Just like shops use to be. If you are in Limoges it is well worth a visit.

The tea has just brewed so off to sample some.


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