Is France hot in Summer ?

This was and still is a question we get asked a lot, Is France hot in Summer ?. At the moment, we are sweltering like the rest of Europe. The temperature today is over 40 degrees. Hence a reason for a few minute walk over to our commune lake for a dip and an hour cool off for the dogs. We spent some time watching the dragonflies while the dogs tried to catch the cray fish. It is a great secluded spot. Even a BBQ to cook anything you catch.

Generally France has great summers with long hot days, although made more comfortable by the drop in temperature in the evenings, which mean sleeping is a little easier and the mornings, even with this heatwave are bearable. We headed to Saint Leonard de Noblat today for the annual Vide Grenier and it was the usual massive success with hundreds of stalls. We arrived early before the temperature was too high, wandered the stalls before having croissant and coffee on one of the many cafes.

Vide Grenier- Saint Leonard de Noblat

A quick visit to the church ( to cool off) before heading back.


September Bargains

There are some bargain flights from the UK to Limoges the last week in August so why not grab a bargain, Ryanair are just over 120 Euros return from 3 major cities in the UK and 85 Euros return from London.

Maybe come and try a little off road, all included in the price, the feedback from guests is awesome. Come and watch the Autumn colours in October, again some real bargains to be had on UK flights.

Oh…and horses, must not forget the horses. 🙂

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