A Walk in the Woods, the title of a brilliant book by Bill Bryson and a terrible adaptation to a Movie. I was thinking of the book as I was walking today. The book painted a great picture of the vastness of the forest that the author was walking through ( in the book the Appalachian Trail in America) and the fact that it mostly goes unappreciated by the younger generations who seem to want to know if there will be a signal.

When I look at the youngsters in our little hamlet, they sit under shady tree boughs, they play in the forests, swim in the lakes and relax. Today when I headed for the woods, I was thrown back to my childhood times of long hot days, the smell of summer and picking wild fruit from the hedgerows. So it tempted me to head back out and go and see what the forests had to offer.




A forest full of sloes

a walk in the woods

Trees Galore full of apples, ready for the hungry rambler.


We have now returned with bags of goodies, fresh blackberries are boiling in the pot for jam. The sloes will be going in to the gin this evening to make sloe gin and the apples are in a big bag for the horses, amazing what a walk in the woods can produce.  What an amazing place we are lucky enough to live in.

The garden is also full of goodies to eat, peaches, apples, lettuce, damsons and much more. It is great to see the guests showing their kids the fruit and the trees and picking fresh produce from the garden to eat.


We also stumbled upon what looked like a derelict wooden hut by the side of a lake, time for a dip for the dogs to cool off. What a way to spend the day, exploring, picking fruit, and being in the great outdoors.

saint Moreil really does have something to offer everyone, walking and exploring, maybe add some geocaching to the walk , mushroom hunting in Autumn, and the off road and horses.  There is something for everyone. We love this place and every guests so far has given five star reviews of everything we have to offer.

a walk in the woods


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