Love Horses

Holiday with a horse.

Experienced riders and novices will love what we have to offer. Holiday with a horse, and yes its all included in  price.

This area is unique and offers hundreds of miles of off road forest walks straight from your door. Our horses are kept on site and are always happy for a brush or an apple.

For novice riders, children or those just wanting their first try on a horse, you will love our relaxed and friendly attitude.

Coming 2019

Horse riding and off road all included.

Your very own horse

Here at St Moreil we have two horses. They are currently in training and will be ready to hit the trails in 2019. They are currently getting to know the routes and we are making sure they are happy with riders of all ages and abilities. Check back soon as they will be coming from Livery to our own stables in the coming month or two and we will tell you all about them.

We have our own stables and tack room and the horses are usually in the stables or in a nearby field grazing. You can spend as little or as much time as you want with them. We try to have no rules and regulations but there are a few just for your safety when with the horses. The horses are fed, mucked out, turned out to graze and ridden five days a week and you can get involved with this or just turn up ready to ride and they will be saddled up. it really is flexible and we will fit in with what you want from your holiday. We are not a riding school, these are our pets and part of the family. They are extremely well looked after and loved


The Horses are our pets and part of the family. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the horses company but we do have a few rules for the benefit of everyone. * There is a weight restriction of 90KG * Let someone know if you are going to pet or go in to the stable area. * Horses are wild animals so please take care * Its not all about speed. Anything above walking is based on terrain, weather and your ability * Only feed horses the treats provided. * You will need to sign a disclaimer before taking charge of a horse. * These horses are our pets, we insist you treat them well and respect them.

Our stay was amazing. Just perfect. Already planning our next trip back!
Mary Johnson
Avid country lover
Myself and my daughter loved the horses and the riding. What an experience and what a place.
Jo Dean