Experience Off Road

Off Road France

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

Come and experience off road at its finest.

We offer something a little different and cater for every level. We are not grease monkeys but nature enthusiasts offering a different way to explore

Our quad bike is fully road legal and insured for road and off road use, all you need is to hold a full driving license. The quad is a 300cc Automatic,so very easy to use and capable of tackling most tracks. We have plenty of time for beginners and those who have never ridden a quad before, plenty of guidance on where to go and the option of a guide or not. This is not group excursions, this is one on one experience at your pace.

Most of the marked paths in our area are classed as highways and it is legal to use vehicles on them. The paths range from wide and easy to tight and challenging, so there is ample for every taste and we can give you plenty of advice.


Off Road France

There is no pressure, go at your own pace, take your time and enjoy a different way of seeing our beautiful area.

If you are looking for a quad bike holiday, France is the place. our paths and trails here are mostly classed as public highways so off road is legal and enjoyed by many. If you have never tried quad biking then Off road France is one of the best ways to give it a go. We really are laid back, no groups, no pressure, drive around as long as you like until you are happy and content and then head off on to the larger trails. The kids can have a go around the fields.

Novice or Experienced, young or old, come and give it a try.

quad bike holiday France